How eVoiceMail Works

If all you want is a phone number with voicemail sent to your email, you've come to the right place.

  • Upon signing-up, you will be assigned with a phone number from the city of your choice. When someone calls that number, they'll hear your pre-recorded greeting and can leave a voicemail after the beep.

  • Voicemail will be sent to your email instantly along with the caller ID, time and date.

  • You can easily index, store or forward your voicemail for further action. Just like your email.

And that's it. Competitor products are complicated to set-up because you're buying a whole lot more than just voicemail. But if all you're looking for is voicemail, then eVoiceMail is the best solution for you.

See the creative ways to use your Voicemail-only phone number.

Now you can change your pre-recorded voice message and where you want your voicemail to be sent to online through our self service portal.

eVoiceMail Pricing

It's simple. Choose a plan - Choose a Local Phone Number - You're in business.